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Pool Deck Resurfacing Fort Myers

Pool Deck Resurfacing Fort Myers

Pictured above is a job we completed in Cape Coral. Look at that difference!

If you are trying to add value to your home, resurfacing your pool deck is one of the best options.

We use a 4 step process to give you a fully customizable finish like no other. We start with prepping the surface. This includes tasks like washing, sanding, acid etching and crack filling. We then apply our industry leading base coat of epoxy and broadcast a heavy layer of flakes to cover and protect the entire surface. Next, we apply a thick layer of our industrial grade clear coat to provide maximum protection to your new floor. We can also add grit to give your floor a non-slip texture. After we are finished, your new pool deck will be the perfect place to entertain and relax.

New Floors take 2 days to complete and need 2-5 days to cure before using. All products used are made in the USA and of industrial grade. You can always expect quality work from Joe and Ryan as they have an attention to detail and are always willing to make your new investment exactly how you wanted it.

Ryan and Joe operate and run Garage Gurus and have been doing floors for many years. If you want to learn more about them, Click Here!

If you live in Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Lehigh Acres, Cape Coral or any part of Southwest Florida, we are your guys!

We offer some of the lowest prices in SWFL while still providing a detailed and high quality finish.

We have pool options starting at $1500 so shoot us a text or email and lets talk!

Pool Deck Resurfacing Fort Myers

Epoxy Flooring Fort Myers

Interested in Epoxy Flooring in Fort Myers? Is your garage floor falling apart? And Is your garage floor just plain old ugly?

If you answered yes, you came to the right place! Here at Garage Gurus FL, we provide the cheapest epoxy floors in SWFL.

Check out our 2023 Pricing Chart and contact us for a special discount:

SWFL 2023 Epoxy Floor Pricing

While other companies charge $3,000+ to service a two car garage, we have options starting at $950! The way we do it is by using new industry leading techniques that save time and money without sacrificing quality!

Here is a photo of a two car garage that we did for under $1,500:

Fort Myers Epoxy Floor
Fort Myers Epoxy Floor

As business owners, we put our heart and pride behind every job and we promise to make sure you are satisfied.

We offer 2 affordable options so that everyone can afford a new floor. Our options include a basic coating of high grade Sherwin Williams Epoxy, and a premium coating of epoxy, flecking, and 2x thick layer of clear coat.

We called 3 of the biggest epoxy floor providers in SWFL to get a quote for a new floor and we were shocked to hear quotes for $3,000, and even $4,000+. This is when we decided to take it into our own hands and provide the same quality floors at more than half the price.

Lets face it, Florida Epoxy Garage Floors take a beating. With hot tires, sea salt, and humidity, it is easy for floors to become damaged. That is why our technique is proven to give your floor a durable finish for many years.

If you live in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Alva, or Lehigh Acres, CONTACT US today to schedule a time!

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